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Tango argentino / uruguayo

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Argentine Tango dancing with Mimi in San Jose, November 2019

More Argentine Tango at http://escuelatangoba.com/marcelosolis/.
Reasons to Tango.
You would only learn to dance Tango if you realize that Tango is what you will be doing for the rest of your life. It seems irrational, since you are not going to be able to give a rational explanation for doing it. However, is there a reason to live, since we die anyways?
How do you think it would be possible that I teach you to Tango if you cannot give me a sincere, warm and meaningful embrace?
Tango requires from you to be aware, to be empathetic and generous.
I can be very generous with you. Would you take my challenge?
More about Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires: http://escuelatangoba.com/marcelosolis/about-escuela-tango/