〖Milonga Workshop〗Giro – SACADA – GANCHOS – Embellishment

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During this milonga workshop we got crazy! Giro, sacada, gancho, embellishment, all together in only one lesson. Start practicing!

The Best of Tango

The tango is probably the most passionate musical and dancing style in the world – enjoy this electrifying selection of the most popular tango-pieces around!

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00:00-Jose Basso – La Cumparsita
3:04- Sexteto Mayor – El Choclo
6:39- Hector Varela – De Vuelta Y Media
8:40- Anibal Troilo – Quejas De Bandoneón
11:31- Francisco Canaro Y Su Orquesta Tipica – Rodriguez Peña
14:11- Osvaldo Pugliese – La Cachila
17:03- Miguel Calo – A Media Luz
20:15-Mariano Mores/Enrique Lucero – Gricel
23:53- Francisco Canaro Y Su Orquesta Tipica – La Puñalada
26:18- Florindo Sassone Y Su Orquesta – Yira, Yira
28:08- Osvaldo Pugliese – La Yumba
30:50-Raul Garello Y Su Orquesta – Ojos Negros
34:07- Raul Garello – Margarita De Agosto
37:58-Jose Basso – El Firulete
39:51- Mariano Mores – Taquito Militar
42:34- Francisco Canaro Y Su Orquesta Tipica – La Tablada
45:45- Anibal Troilo – Danzarín
49:05- Hector Varela – La Morocha
51:53- Florindo Sassone Y Su Gran Orq. Tipica – Adios Muchachos
54:44- The Sexteto Mayor Orchestra – Mi Buenos Aires Querido/Payadora

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Argentine tango championship buenos aires 2016 final round3 dance-floor competition round3

Argentine tango championship buenos aires 2016 final dance-floor competition round3

Argentine Couple Wins Stage Final at International Tango Championship

2013 WDSF PD World Standard | The Final Tango

Tango “Mala Junta”. Ezequiel Lopez and Camila Alegre. Tango World Championships 2015. Танго.

UK TANGO FESTIVAL 2014 – The Tango BA and Dance World Cup Championship Preliminaries 2014

Tango Dancers Compete in Dance World Cup

World Argentine Tango Show Champions Vincent & Flavia on SCD 9-12-2007

Argentina Crowns New World Tango Champions 2013

3° Tango Escenario | Stage • TANGO BA Mundial de Baile | Dance World Cup 2012

5° Tango Escenario | Stage • TANGO BA Mundial de Baile | Dance World Cup 2012

Tango Buenos Aires Festival and Dance World Cup 2015

Semi-Final Tango | 2014 Euro STD | DanceSport Total

BNF Tango exhibition – World latin dance cup 2010

Tango dancers compete in World Championships

1° Tango Salón • TANGO BA Mundial de Baile | Dance World Cup 2012

 Tango world cup buenos aires dance-floor tango competition 2016 round 1 アルゼンチンタンゴ ワールドカップ2016

Argentine tango アルゼンチンタンゴ 情熱の愛のダンスに魂が震える

Argentina: Dancers gather for World Tango Championship

Sissi – La pelicula (español)

Calabazas rellenas receta económica

Tango de salón semiprofesional World tango championships Medellín 2016

4K 2016 WDSF World Championship Youth Standard | Semifinal TANGO

4K 2016 WDSF World Championship Youth Standard in Japan | Final TANGO

Argentine Tango – Izvekov Maxim Kuznetsova Elena World Championship 2016

Argentine Tango – Vereshchagin Alexander Tyukmaeva Elnara World Championship 2016

Campeones Tango Escenario WTC 2016 -Andrés MartÍnez & Edis Villa

UCWDC 2016 World Championship Open Team- Giving Dance Inc. World Champions!!! Tango

Campeones Tango Escenario WTC 2016 -Andrés MartÍnez & Edis Villa

Semen Khrzhanovskiy – Vitalina Bunina | Final Tango | Saint-Petersburg Governor Cup 2016

Argentine Tango – Ivan Kosyakov Ekaterina Samilina World Championship 2016

Raw: Int’l Tango Competition Starts in Argentina

World Tango Championships 2016 Parejas Junior Sebastian Y Daniela

Xsplot Dance Grupos Mujeres Junior 3 puesto – World Tango Championships 2016

Argentine Tango – Fykias Alexandros Damalidou Georgia World Championship 2016


アルゼンチンタンゴ ①



アルゼンチンタンゴ講座・入門編 Lesson 1 – 9 ガンチョ


BS JAPAN 柚希礼音が踊る!魅惑のアルゼンチンタンゴ~元宝塚トップ スターの挑戦 (番宣映像)



アルゼンチンタンゴ講座・入門編 Lesson 1 – 1 重心移動


映画『アルゼンチンタンゴ 伝説のマエストロたち』予告編

アルゼンチン・タンゴ in ブエノスアイレス

タンゴ世界選手権ステージ部門、アルゼンチンペアが優勝 Argentines swirl to win Stage Tango world title


アルゼンチンタンゴ講座・入門編 Lesson 1 – 3 レソルシオン



夢の香り・スーパータンゴシーン・アル パシーノ・ガブリエル アンウォー

アルゼンチンタンゴ講座・入門編 Lesson 1 – 8 右回りのヒーロ