Workshop – How to do Basic Tango for Beginners | Ballroom Dance

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Workshop – How to do Basic Tango | Ballroom Dance
00:21 4 Walks Exercise
01:54 2 Walks and Progressive Link with Stop
03:42 Closed Promenade
05:39 SS QQS QQS
05:45 2 Walks – Progressive Link – Closed Promenade
06:59 Basic Reverse Turn
08:33 Closed Hold withou Body Contact
09:11 2 Walks – Progr Link – Closed Prom – Basic Reverse Turn
10:01 Natural Turn from Promenade Position
11:12 2 Walks – Progr Link – Natural Promenade Turn to Rock Turn

Music: Tango de Manzana Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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The Best of Tango

The tango is probably the most passionate musical and dancing style in the world – enjoy this electrifying selection of the most popular tango-pieces around!

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00:00-Jose Basso – La Cumparsita
3:04- Sexteto Mayor – El Choclo
6:39- Hector Varela – De Vuelta Y Media
8:40- Anibal Troilo – Quejas De Bandoneón
11:31- Francisco Canaro Y Su Orquesta Tipica – Rodriguez Peña
14:11- Osvaldo Pugliese – La Cachila
17:03- Miguel Calo – A Media Luz
20:15-Mariano Mores/Enrique Lucero – Gricel
23:53- Francisco Canaro Y Su Orquesta Tipica – La Puñalada
26:18- Florindo Sassone Y Su Orquesta – Yira, Yira
28:08- Osvaldo Pugliese – La Yumba
30:50-Raul Garello Y Su Orquesta – Ojos Negros
34:07- Raul Garello – Margarita De Agosto
37:58-Jose Basso – El Firulete
39:51- Mariano Mores – Taquito Militar
42:34- Francisco Canaro Y Su Orquesta Tipica – La Tablada
45:45- Anibal Troilo – Danzarín
49:05- Hector Varela – La Morocha
51:53- Florindo Sassone Y Su Gran Orq. Tipica – Adios Muchachos
54:44- The Sexteto Mayor Orchestra – Mi Buenos Aires Querido/Payadora

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5 Dance Etiquette Tips | Argentine Tango

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Q: One of the biggest parts of dance etiquette is called cabeceo. Cabeceo comes from the word cabeza which means head. A cabecero is just as you would say hello to somebody that’s passing by you have a little something like this. This is an invitation when we look at each other and say it’s an invitation, let’s dance. And then she would come. This generally happens across the dance floor. This avoids the awkward when you ask someone to dance through word. So you don’t have to walk all the way, ask the person, and maybe everyone be rejected. Instead, you look from afar and if she. . . right now, she told me no. She didn’t want to dance with me. That’s what she did. But if I look at her, she nods then I will then proceed to ask her for a dance. Another part off dance etiquette is wearing deodorant.

A: Or having some breath mints and not going out to the pizzeria and having a lot of garlic and coming to your partner and breathing into his face. It’s not really polite. Keep that in mind.

Q: Also, the way to say that you would not like to dance with someone is just say thank you. And then another party is escorting your partner. You don’t necessarily have to take your partner and escort them with hand, but it’s very nice to walk off with your partner and off the dance floor and then you can both part off after that. It’s a gentle thing to do. When you’re dancing in a couple you never have a cut-in. So if Anna is dancing with Capito I will not ask for a dance then. I will wait until the tanda is finished and then I will try to gain her eye to ask for something. Now, cabeceo is not necessarily used everywhere in the world. It is recommended to do, but from time to time, if you know people you can just say, hey, would you like to dance? It’s a more casual thing.