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Tango argentino / uruguayo

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Argentine Tango pop-up flashmob celebrating our city of Los Angeles, Summer 2019!

When you are lucky to live in the land of The Endless Summer, and are in love with the city like Los Angeles, you want to get out and experience it in a unique way. Dancers from all over the US and beyond hop from one iconic location to another and leave their footprints all over the streets of LA. Why? Because WE LOVE LA! #ForTheLoveOfLA #DanceIsNotCanceled
Music: “I love LA” by Randy Newman
We are the proud licensees of The Endless Summer by Bruce Brown Films
Editing: Bahram Niknia & Ilona Glinarsky

Graciela y Osvaldo Tango Argentino Canyengue y Milonguero

Escuela de tango, Baile, Pasion, Barelona,Pareja de bailarines Profesionales,
Directores del Centro Cultural del Tango de Barcelona; La Yumba
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Tango Canyengue