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Tango argentino / uruguayo

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Dance Argentine Tango – 26 Tango Moves / Figures

26 TANGO FIGURES with descriptions and slow motion.
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0:16 Tango Walk (Parallel System)
1:04 Tango Walk (Outside Partner right and left)
2:20 Tango Walk (Cross System right and left)
2:57 Box Step Basic with turning box step
3:48 Extended Box step
4:57 Rock Steps (variations)
6:03 Turns in place (rock steps, weight changes, side steps)
7:31 Rock step turn (right and left)
8:44 Salida aka THE CROSS ~ 8 Step Basic.
10:03 Salida in cross system
11:14 Traspie steps (dancing to Milonga)
12:03 Ocho Cortado (eight cut)
13:08 Back Ochos
14:12 Back Ochos to the Salida (cross system)
15:25 Media Luna and Molinete
16:34 Back ocho to sandwich (exit forward ocho)
17:38 Barrida (sweep/drag)
18:56 Sacadas (displacements)
19:47 Planeos
20:25 Ganchos (hook)
21:16 Boleo (whip)
22:04 Over-rotated Ochos (front)
22:41 Over-rotated Ochos (back)
23:14 . Single Axis turn (variations)
24:17 . Volcada (to pour into like water)
25:01 Volcada with boleo and leg wrap
25:49 Bonus Footage (fast forward)
26:13 Thank you to Ashker’s Juice Bar

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Demo by: Argentine Tango Instructors Travis & Tiniko Natsvlichvili

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Street Tango Dance in Rome

Fantastic Street Tango Dance performed by a beautiful couple and accompanied by a lovely cute baby in piazza Navonona in Rome(Italy)
La danza di strada esibita da una bella coppia e accompgnato da una carinissima bambina in piazza Navona a Roma (Italia).
La danse de rue joué par un beau couple accompagné par une fillette mignonne en place Navona a Rome.
رقص تانگوی خیابانی توسط یک زوج زیبا و همراهی یک دختر کوچولوی ناز